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BentlonDancohr Corporation is one of the largest and most leading cosmetic house in Northern Europe and has developed, produced and distributed its products since its founding, in 1975. With worldwide export to over more than 60 countries, Dancohr Corporation is being considered a trendsetter and always stands up front where research and development of new products are concerned. Dancohr Corporation provides in beauty equipment/furnishing, a complete wellness concept, podiatry equipment and various cosmetic ranges.

| Dancohr Corporation provides the following equipment ranges |

√  Bentlon; Beauty, Wellness, Manicure and Podiatry

| as well as the following skincare and make-up ranges |

Lanèche; skin care, JPR Men, Sun and Spa Body

Henriëtte Faroche; Skin care, Soleil Intensif Sun, Corporelle Body and Faroche Homme skin care for men

Courtin; skin care, foot care, wax, eyebrow and eyelash dye

Make-up accessories

Podo Perfect; podo accessories

With the above assortment we can provide in a complete program for the entire
beauty, wellness and podiatry branch.

| 10 reasons to choose Bentlon |

1. Bentlon, the benchmark for quality!
More than 30 years of experience and input of branch professionals make Bentlon a benchmark for quality.

2. Complete product ranges
Bentlon offers broad possibilities and is very complete for Beauty, Wellness, Manicure, Podo and Hair.

3. Dutch production
Products are produced by our own production facility in The Netherlands. The production process is fully computer-controlled with continuous quality checks that guarantee the high quality of Bentlon.

4. ISO Certified
All internal work processes are operated according to requirements of applicable European guidelines. This is demonstrated by 2 ISO certificates that are obtained under continuous quality checks by an independent research bureau.
5. Made by specialists for specialists
To every Bentlon product attention is paid to the smallest of detail as in design, user-friendliness and functionality; salon fittings and equipment.

6. Innovative
As a market leading brand Bentlon stands for high quality, trend setting products and much effort is invested into the development of annually introduced
Highly innovative products are protected by patents.

8. Margins
Good margin on the products.

9. Worldwide distribution
Bentlon has the ambition to increase brand awareness all over the world. At the moment more than 60 countries experience the benefits of the brand.
10. Good support
Much enthusiasm and effort is put every day into the support and satisfaction of our clients. When distributing Bentlon you are not only a distributor, but also a partner of Dancohr Corporation. This ensures you a long term commitment, durable cooperation and support on all aspects like sales, marketing and training to make your distribution a success!
| Choosing for Bentlon is choosing for excellent quality! |